Your baby is finally here--so tiny, fresh, and new! You stare at this little miracle in disbelief and you want to soak in every last detail of this perfect baby. There is something so magical about newborn photography. It captures the innocence and purity of babies just a few days new.

Plan ahead, schedule your session 6-8 weeks before your baby arrives. Newborn sessions are typically done within the first 6-10 days of birth, when babies are still curly and fall into deep sleeps. This makes it easier to pose them beautifully so that you can see how tiny they really are! While sessions can take anywhere between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, please know that there is no rush during newborn sessions. Patience is the key.

A pre-consultation will allow me to have sets ready for you the day of the session based on color palates, props, and textures we've discussed.


I can't wait to make artwork you can display in your homes and cherish for generations.


"It's an amazing feeling that parents trust me to handle and photograph  their most precious blessings, it's truly the biggest compliment  any client can give me."